When is the Best Time in the Year for Driveway Sealcoating in Lakemoor, IL?

As it is with just about any type of construction project, summer presents the best opportunity for sealcoating or asphalt driveway repair in Lakemoor. It is ideal to have high temperatures with low humidity for this kind of project, as these are major factors in drying time and fully curing the sealcoating in Lakemoor. That means driveway or parking lot sealcoating in Lakemoor can be applied at other times of the year, but summer offers the best opportunities from day to day.

Understanding the type of asphalt sealcoating in Lakemoor that is used can help determine whether you need the summer heat, or if you can handle the task in slightly cooler temperatures.  

Water-based asphalt sealers, like asphalt emulsion, coal tar, and acrylic sealers, require pavement temperatures no cooler than 40º F at the time of application. As they are water-based, cold temperatures make them vulnerable to freezing, altering the chemical composition of the sealant, permanently damaging the product. For this reason, winter is not an option for these types of sealcoating solutions in wintery weather. But you can ask your sealcoating company in Lakemoor for a solvent-based sealer like Gilsonite.  

The primary benefit to summertime sealcoating in Lakemoor is the fast curing time due to the warm air. Most people don’t like waiting longer than 24 hours for a fully cured driveway sealcoating in Lakemoor. If you are a business owner that requires parking lot sealcoating in Lakemoor, longer curing times can impact your business. With warmer air and reduced humidity, your new sealcoating will dry and cure faster to take on the traffic you expect. However, sealcoating in Lakemoor when temperatures approach 50-degrees may require that you wait 48 to 72 hours for a fully cured asphalt coating. Speak to GPS Sealcoating Company for the best results.