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GPS Sealcoating & Paving Company In Waukegan, IL

Sealcoating is a great follow-through after asphalt paving in Waukegan. This sets your asphalt in place, gives it a great finish, and protects it from sun damages and wear and tear. GPS Sealcoating & Paving Company has been providing top-notch asphalt paving and sealcoating since 2006 for asphalt driveways and parking lots. Our mission is to establish a strong and lasting pavement for you that can prevent damages brought about by sunlight, water, and harmful chemicals.

From compact driveways to massive parking spaces, GPS Sealcoating & Paving Company has completed countless projects for various customers in the industry. We offer exceptional and driveway paving in Waukegan, followed by driveway sealcoating for a seamless finish. We also provide an asphalt driveway repair service in Waukegan. For larger spaces, we offer driveway paving, parking lot striping, parking lot sealcoating, and asphalt driveway repair. We extend our services to both commercial and residential spaces in the Waukegan area and the surrounding suburbs.

Along with our paving and sealcoating services at GPS Sealcoating & Paving Company, we also offer pothole repair service and hot crack filling to repair asphalt damages and to secure a smooth pavement for safe driving for everyone. Rest assured that our hot rubberized crack filling can do wonders for your asphalt. 

Trust GPS Sealcoating & Paving Company to deliver all your sealcoating and paving needs for a smooth, secure, and well-planned pavement whether for your residential or commercial space.

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In Business Since 2006

GPS Paving Company Has been the best source for sealcoating services in the Waukegan area since 2006. With all of our experience, we have the knowledge and expertise to give our customers their best asphalt driveway repair, and parking lot striping. We also offer hot rubberized crack filling and pothole repair service in Waukegan.

2000+ Projects

We have completed more than 2000 paving projects in Waukegan and counting. We handle all sorts of paving needs including sealcoating and repairs, as well as parking lot striping and hot crack filling. We always have an eye on the details to make sure we do the job right the first time every time.

5 Star Reviews

The people of Waukegan give us an endless stream up glowing reviews for the top-notch work we do in service of the community for any and all paving requirements. With our focus on details and our keen sense of professionalism, we guarantee the best outcome for your paving services, from pothole repairs to parking lot striping. Giving you the best customer service is of paramount importance to us.

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After losing our driveway due to a recent storm in Waukegan, GPS Sealcoating & Paving Company replaced the asphalt quickly and cost-effectively. It looks better than ever! A highly recommended sealcoating company to work with.

Richard Decker Waukegan, IL

GPS Sealcoating & Paving Company is the most professional and reliable sealcoating contractor in Waukegan. It was the right choice to hire this team of expert pavers who were efficient with time and created excellent results.

Larry Callahan Waukegan, IL

Serving clients to the highest level in the asphalt industry is what GPS Sealcoating & Paving Company in Waukegan are known for. True to their reputation, they delivered a driveway cost-effectively with attention to detail.

Vicki Lanning Waukegan, IL


Protecting Asphalt Driveway & Sealcoating Waukegan, IL - Common Questions

What is the longevity of sealcoating in Waukegan? 

Your sealcoating in Waukegan depends on a few different factors, such as the amount of traffic in your driveway paving and exposure to the sun, oil, or gas. Paving companies’ standards are for sealcoating to be replaced at least every two years, which allows the sealer on your driveway or parking lot to wear away prior to resealing.

When new asphalt is applied, how much time should I let pass before having sealcoating in Waukegan?

Paving companies in Waukegan recommend that you wait six months to a year, or let winter pass, before having a sealcoating applied.

What are the signs I need to look out for to have my asphalt repaired?

Signs like potholes or a warped or buckled surface are obvious signs that you need a pothole repair service done in Waukegan. Ensure to keep an eye out for more subtle signals like lingering puddles, fading, and stains or “Alligator” cracks.

What is the best time to have a sealcoating done in Waukegan?

Sealcoating in Waukegan should be done on warmer weather months such as spring, summer, or fall. The primary key is that the ground and air temperatures should be above 50 degrees.

How Sealcoating Waukegan, IL Can Benefit Your Surface

Reverse Winter Damage: Winter is known for its harsh weather conditions. It can result in moderate to severe damage to your asphalt. To make sure you are on top of these problems, our paving company in Waukegan is here for you. Make sure to get those sealcoating, asphalt paving, and hot crack filling services done before it becomes too expensive or irreparable.

Improve Curb Appeal: With spring almost around the corner, people turn to cabin fever. This is where people are likely to be impressed by a clean, hazard-free parking lot. Make sure your storefront exterior speaks for itself with our paving company’s asphalt paving in Waukegan. Remove any potholes and cracks with our hot rubberized crack filling service.

Ideal Curing Conditions: The bitter cold temperatures make sealcoating impossible, and the snow, as well as ice removal, can damage and scrape your asphalt. Our paving company in Waukegan suggests that you do the repairs during springtime.