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GPS Sealcoating & Paving Company In Schaumburg, IL

GPS Sealcoating & Paving Company excels in providing high-quality sealcoating and asphalt paving in the Schaumburg area for residents and business owners. We have been the preferred paving company in the area since 2006. We cover both basic and specialized services from driveway paving to driveway sealcoating to specific repairs. We can cover pavement cracks and holes with our pothole repair service and hot rubberized crack filling in the Schaumburg area. 

We can also take care of your parking area by allocating an ample space per vehicle using our parking lot striping methods. On top of this, we provide parking lot sealcoating for a durable, strong, and lasting coat for your pavement. Whether you want to organize parking in your asphalt driveway in Schaumburg or perhaps a large parking lot for your flourishing business, GPS Sealcoating & Paving Company has got you covered! 

Rest assured our asphalt paving and sealcoating services for Schaumburg properties are premium quality and can effectively protect your pavements from strong and potential damaging elements like sunlight, water penetration, and chemical spills. For the best paving company in the area, make the best choice and contact us at GPS Sealcoating & Paving Company!

GPS Sealcoating & Paving Company Schaumburg, IL - Why Choose Us

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GPS Sealcoating & Paving Company Schaumburg, IL - Our Projects

Our Company’s Experience - GPS Sealcoating & Paving Company Schaumburg, IL

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In Business Since 2006

GPS Paving Company Has been Dedicated to giving the people of Schaumburg great paving and repair services since 2006 and will continue to be a glowing example of what a paving company should look like. We continued to raise the bar that improves the standard for all paving companies in Schaumburg.

2000+ Projects

Throughout almost a decade and a half of loyal service to the good people of Schaumburg, we have completed, with our expert skills and an eye on efficiency, over 2000 paving projects and counting. And that includes everything from driveway sealcoating to parking lot striping. We have even done quite a few pothole repair services in Schaumburg.

5 Star Reviews

Of the top paving companies in Schaumburg, we boast a tremendous quantity of glowing testimonials from satisfied customers throughout Schaumburg who have utilized us for their driveway paving and sealcoating needs. We are the go-to paving company that many people call when they need any paving work done in the Schaumburg area.

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People Say About GPS Sealcoating & Paving Company Schaumburg, IL

I would highly recommend GPS Sealcoating & Paving Company in Schaumburg for any job involving asphalt paving, new installations, or repairs. You can trust this company to deliver the goods, going above and beyond.

Gina Rivers Schaumburg, IL

When it came to sealcoating and paving our driveway, we called GPS Sealcoating & Paving Company in Schaumburg. They did everything as promised on time, with no hidden costs, and with a great work ethic.

Lewis Palacios Schaumburg, IL

Thank you, GPS Sealcoating & Paving Company, for paving our business parking lot in Schaumburg. They took the care that delivered a quality job, as promised. We would hire them again, for sure.

Helen Everett Schaumburg, IL


FAQ - Asphalt Driveway & Sealcoating Schaumburg, IL

Does sealcoating in Schaumburg last?

There are several factors that affect the longevity of our sealcoating near me in Schaumburg. This includes the amount of traffic on the pavement, as well as gas, oil, and sun exposure. It is ideal to have your driveway sealcoating done every two years for proper pavement maintenance.

How long should I wait before getting my asphalt pavement in Schaumburg resealed?

You should ideally wait somewhere between six months to a year before having another sealcoating service done. For assistance, contact us at GPS Sealcoating & Paving Company.

How will I know when an asphalt repair in Schaumburg is due?

There are both subtle and obvious signs that will tell you when you need an immediate asphalt driveway repair in Schaumburg. Look for signs of potholes, buckled surface, fading, “alligator” cracks, and lingering puddles.

What is the best time of the year for a sealcoating service in Schaumburg?

Warmer weather provides more convenience and ease in performing driveway sealcoating or parking lot sealcoating in Schaumburg. The best ground and air temperatures should be above 50 degrees.

Will Sealcoating Schaumburg, IL Benefit Your Surface?

Reverse Winter Damage: Winter comes with many outdoor risks that can potentially damage your asphalt in moderate and severe ways. As a consequence, this leaves your asphalt driveway in Schaumburg with an unsightly appearance and even a harmful path for drivers. Save your driveway with a proper sealcoating in Schaumburg from our company. GPS Sealcoating & Paving Company is here for you all the way!

Improve Curb Appeal: Availing of our sealcoating in Schaumburg for your driveway paving can save you from irreparable damage in the future. Aside from a properly sealed and strong UV ray protection, our services provide asphalt paving Schaumburg a beautiful finish. Our team will get rid of those cracks, potholes, and ruined parking strips! 

As spring rolls in, call us at GPS Sealcoating & Paving Company near me in Schaumburg so we can get started with the work right away. We will protect your pavements and leave them looking brand new! We offer asphalt driveway repair, pothole repair service, and parking lot striping.

Paving Company Schaumburg, IL - How to Pick the Right One?

Trust in the local experience of your paving company in Schaumburg. With GPS Sealcoating & Paving Company in Schaumburg, you get the benefit of years of experience handling commercial and residential projects in the area. Count on us to be fully prepared and familiar with local weather conditions as well as city permit ordinances. We’ll bring you the friends and neighbors’ treatment, Neighbor.  

Be confident with a free consultation and estimate from your asphalt driveway paving company in Schaumburg. The experts at GPS Sealcoating & Paving Company are personally interested in offering you the exceptional service you deserve. We will be there for you at the project site so that our experts in asphalt paving and seal coating in Schaumburg can provide a thorough inspection of the area along with a clear and detailed estimate so you can make the best decision.

Speak to a top professional at a trusted paving company in Schaumburg. For all our services, from driveway paving to seal coating to parking lot striping in Schaumburg, and more, you receive expertise and integrity as we bring you the best options available. Our goal is for you to make the right choice regarding your property.

Only settle on getting the best materials from your paving company in Schaumburg. GPS Sealcoating & Paving Company in Schaumburg uses only the best quality tools and materials for every project. To hear more, call us today. One of our specialists will be delighted to answer any questions you may have. We’ll give you all your available options and we’ll explain the right solutions.

Commercial Sealcoating Schaumburg, IL - Your Parking Lot Needs It?

To make your company a total stand out, consider your parking lot as the first thing that a potential customer or tenant sees.

#1 The Appearance
The first advantage of using sealcoating in Schaumburg for your parking lot is that it will have a completely new appearance once the procedure is finished. Sealcoating not only improves the inside conditions of your area, but it also improves its appearance. In this case, commercial sealcoating must be performed.

#2 Prevention of Damage from UV rays and Spillage
Commercial sealcoating in Schaumburg protects your asphalt parking lot from damage caused by oil or chemical spills that can occur in this region by sealing the fissures in the asphalt.

#3 Water Proof Agent
Another advantage of commercial seal coating a parking lot is that it protects it from damage caused by seepage of rain or snow. Sealcoating in Schaumburg adds an extra layer on top that acts as a waterproof agent, preventing water damage to the surface. Paving a driveway is critical and should never be ignored.

Myths About Sealcoating Schaumburg, IL

Myth 1 – Sealcoating Fixes Cracks 

The main purpose of sealcoating is to fill pores on your asphalt driveway to prevent water from flowing through. At GPS Sealcoating & Paving Company we know how to prevent the occurrence of cracks. Unfortunately, once they appear, sealcoating won’t be enough to fill them. 

Myth 2 – Sealcoating is Merely Aesthetic 

Besides a smooth look, sealcoating prevents decay from humidity and oxidation. The best service for driveway sealcoating Schaumburg has is provided by GPS Sealcoating & Paving Company. We know how to prevent damage to your asphalt. 

Myth 3 – You Don’t Need a Pro for Sealcoating

DIY sealcoating is never recommended. Even if it looks like you are saving money, it can be more costly in the long run. GPS Sealcoating & Paving Company offer the service for parking sealcoating Schaumburg residents prefer, because we have tools and materials that are not available to the general public. 

Driveway Sealcoating Schaumburg, IL - Step By Step

Often people do not realize what a high-quality sealcoating on their driveway adds to the aesthetic beauty of their home.  Driveways became catch-alls for grease, oil stains and other fluids almost impossible to remove once they have soaked into the concrete or asphalt.  GPS Sealcoating Schaumburg can take care of that for you.  With a three-part sealcoating process that will take care of your driveway for years to come.

The first step is edging to remove grass, weeds and debris that may be encroaching on the surface.  The debris from the edging is then blown off the driving area.

The second step is a thorough cleaning by brooms, blowers and high-pressure sprayers if needed to prepare the surface for sealcoating.

The third and final step is applying the sealcoating.  Whether your driveway is asphalt paving or poured concrete GPS Sealcoating Schaumburg goes the extra mile to have you and your driveway covered.