Benefits Of Sealcoating Lakemoor, IL

1. Prevents water from penetrating below the surface.

Because practically every sealer contains fine sealcoating, which fills the hairline gaps that appear as the asphalt ages. By sealing these fissures, you reduce the chance that water may find its way beneath the asphalt pavement surface.

2. Oxidation degradation is slowed.

Oxidation causes the pavement to become brittle, making it easier for fractures to form and spread faster, as well as allowing for further damage. Sealing the pavement surface gives a layer of protection on top of the asphalt binder, so it’s the sealer, not the binder, that takes the brunt of the exposure to air and sun, which has been a problem to most Lakemoor residents.

3. Provides oil and gasoline resistance to the asphalt binder.

Because asphalt is made up of petroleum, any petroleum-based liquid that spills on it will basically “join” with the binder and soften it. This means the pavement will be damaged even more quickly and to a greater extent. This type of leak will be protected by sealcoating Lakemoor your pavement and it also makes any asphalt driveway repair much easier.

4. It improves traction.

The “fines” — microscopic sand-size particles – are the first to wear away when asphalt paving ages. Applying a sand or boiler slag-based sealer not only helps hold the particles in place but also replenishes the fines on the surface, adding traction.

5. Increases adaptability.

In contrast to concrete pavement, which is “rigid,” asphalt pavement is referred to as a “flexible” surface. When automobiles and trucks drive over asphalt paving, it flexes (microscopically) beneath their weight. Pavement flexes less as it ages and becomes brittle, and traffic can cause cracks. Driveway sealcoating Lakemoor helps your pavement to adapt more to the current situations, therefore minimizing cracks and brittleness.

6. Extends the life of the driveway paving Lakemoor.

Sealcoating has the combined effect of extending the life of a pavement by doing all of these things. When properly maintained, a well-built asphalt surface can survive long beyond 15 years.