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GPS Sealcoating & Paving Company Mount Prospect, IL

GPS Sealcoating & Paving Company in Mount Prospect has been meeting the commercial and publics’ paving and asphalt needs since 2006. Our experienced contractors bring reputable skills and knowledge of the industry, making us the leader in this field. We are proud of the work we do, so that means you know your job will be done correctly and professionally the first time.

Call us today for an estimate for our services. Our paving team will look at your project and give you an honest assessment of the best course of action. We can provide your Mount Prospect’s driveway or parking lot with a facelift, making it look as good as new and keep looking that way by installing quality materials and adequate drainage.

To extend your asphalt life, consider sealcoating, which will protect it from chemical spills, cracking, and damaging UV-rays. Mount Prospect’s GPS Sealcoating & Paving Company services also include striping and graphics for your commercial parking lot. We get the job done efficiently, cleanly, and with the least amount of upheaval to your daily business or home life. The job is complete until the customer is 100% satisfied.

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GPS Sealcoating & Paving Company Mount Prospect , IL - Our Projects

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In Business Since 2006

At GPS Sealcoating & Paving Company, our goal is to provide private and public asphalt driveways in Mount Prospect the proper treatment they require. We have been fully operational since 2006, which makes us a pioneer in the modern driveway paving era. Give our services a try and see how we do things differently in the most professional way!

2000+ Projects

For more than 15 years, we have continuously provided the driveway sealcoating needs of our clients. With their earnest trust, we have done over 2,000 projects, touching on different services. Choose from our hot crack filling, parking lot sealcoating, and parking lot striping services. Call us!

5 Star Reviews

Rain or shine, our paving company Mount Prospect is here for you. When your property needs a pothole repair service, asphalt driveway repair, asphalt paving, and other sealcoating services, GPS Sealcoating & Paving Company is the #1 in the local area. Tell us what you need and we will provide it for you. Try our services today!