Sealcoating Lakemoor, IL – Why NOT Do It Yourself!

Weather in the Lakemoor area can wreak some havoc on your driveway. It can push our limits with extreme heat and sub-zero temperatures to create difficult conditions for even the best driveway. To make a driveway last, many homeowners prefer the DIY method. It generally costs less and there is a certain sense of pride afterward. While DIY may be a nice option for many projects, the professionals at our paving company in Lakemoor recommend leaving the driveway to the experts, and here’s why:


Driveway Sealcoating Requires Specialized Equipment

To start your DIY sealcoating in Lakemoor, you must first make the trip to your local hardware store to find a product that is similar to what the professional paving companies use. You’ll have to lug the large bucket home. Then, you will need other items, including safety glasses, an edger, a broom, a leaf blower, masking tape, a metal stirring paddle, and a high-grade sealcoating brush. And so you don’t make a mess of yourself on your asphalt driveway in Lakemoor, we recommend full-body protective gear. Sealants can cause harm when in contact with your skin. With that, you’re ready to begin your driveway sealcoating. Think about where you will be storing all that extra gear when you’re not using it.


Expect a Sealcoating Mess

Sealcoating is messy, and doubly so for a DIY sealcoating project. Store-bought driveway sealcoating products need proper mixing as the ingredients may have separated in the bucket. At times, they require additives to be mixed in also, making it an even messier proposition. You will likely end up with sealcoating on your clothes and it will certainly ruin your shoes.


Precision is Needed for the Sealcoating Process

We are experts with driveway paving and sealcoating in Lakemoor, so we know the importance of preparation. Done right, it can enhance the curb appeal of your property. Correct your mistake before it happens through your DIY efforts and call GPS Sealcoating & Paving Company in Lakemoor to handle the project right.