Is It Too Late To Do Driveway Or Parking Lot Sealcoating Lakemoor, IL?

While there is no simple way to answer that question, sealcoating Lakemoor does need to be done under certain weather conditions to be fully effective. Obviously, there are some factors to consider before calling a paving company to schedule your parking lot or driveway sealcoating.

First, it is best to never schedule sealcoating in winter. Even if there is a temporary warm up we know it won’t last. Sealcoating Lakemoor needs heat to cure and thoroughly seal your asphalt paving. Cold weather can reduce the effectiveness of sealcoating so winter is not the best season for it.

Second, late fall can also be risky and presents certain challenges to successful sealcoating. Temperatures in the daytime can be warm and inviting but evening temps can drop drastically and the curing process needs the night temps to be 50 degrees or above to seal properly. It is also important to know that even something as innocuous as falling leaves can cause uneven curing of your sealcoating Lakemoor. So, while fall is not a total non-starter for sealcoating, it should always be done early fall so as to avoid that sudden frost that can occur on any late fall night.

Third, summer is the optimal time to schedule your driveway or parking lot sealcoating Lakemoor. The 24 hour warm temperatures can expedite the curing process, making the asphalt paving in your driveway or parking lot usable much quicker and safer.

There are many paving companies you can call for your asphalt parking lot sealcoating or driveway sealcoating. To get more answers to questions about when to schedule your sealcoating, call the #1 paving company, GPS Sealcoating Lakemoor.